Dave Leval

Multi-Media Journalist

Okay, I admit I root for the Yankees, cheer for the Mets, let’s go Giants, and let’s go Jets. What do you want? I’m a native New Yorker. Plus, Coca-Cola will always be “soda,” not “pop.” “Coney’s” are “chili dogs.” Besides, I’ve been told plenty of times, I’m difficult. Always been that way, ask my friends, relatives, and former bosses. Guess that explains why I’m at My TV 20! We want to be different in how we cover the news. It’s amazing how much Southeast Michigan has to offer, and I enjoy learning and sharing the stories of our area. That includes Eastern Michigan and Wayne State Universities, which I am a big fan of, and not just athletically. These universities are truly hidden treasures. They offer so much to students.

I’ve also finally achieved one of my life’s goals: snow skiing. That’s not easy when you grow up down South, and the only skiing there takes place on water! I hit the local slopes at least once a week. I know there’s more to Southeast Michigan, and I look forward to learning about those stories and sharing them with you!