April 20, 2014

Air Guard Cuts Could Cost Selfridge
650 Jobs at Stake
By Dave Leval
By Peter Neumann

SELFRIDGE AIR GUARD BASE, MI. (My TY20 News at 10) --- Selfridge Air National Guard may soon lose a tenant.

My TV20 has confirmed that the Pentagon is considering eliminating an air national guard unit stationed there.

The 107th Fighter Squadron has flown the A-10 "Warthog" since May 2009. The unit became combat ready last June, and returned from its most recent deployment in December.

The 107th is one of three A-10 guard units targeted to lose the jets in the upcoming Pentagon budget. Another one is the 122 TFW in Fort Wayne.

The list of cuts will be delivered to Congress February 13th. 650 jobs could be lost at Selfridge.

The affected units are expected to switch to flying aerial drones.