Secretary of State Johnson on Snyder Budget Speech

By Peter Neumann

Secretary of State Johnson on Snyder Budget Speech

February 17, 2011

LANSING, Mich. (MyTV20 News at 10) --- Michigan's Secretary of State reacts to Governor's budget presentation.

"Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson today released the following statement:

Today the Governor outlined his proposed budget to the joint House and Senate appropriations committees indicating his intention to “reinvent” the state budget and our tax system in Michigan.

The Governor said he used the guiding principles of making a new tax system simple, fair and efficient to balance our budget. And, the Governor said this can be done without a net tax increase.

I believe all Michigan residents can get behind the concepts of government living within its means and to provide better services at lower costs.

But, we know this cannot be accomplished without sacrifice and painful choices. We at the Department of State are prepared to do our part to assist Governor Snyder in “reinventing” Michigan.

We have learned that it is the Governor’s intentions to reduce the general fund appropriation to the Department by nearly 19 percent. Make no mistake, this is painful but it is also necessary for the State.

So, we’ll do what Michiganders do best. We’ll roll up our sleeves and find a way to make this work. We’ll deal with the reality of the situation. Belts will be tightened. We will find cost efficiencies wherever and whenever possible. We will find innovative ways to streamline services.

In the end, we at the Department of State will deal with the sacrifices we have to make as all Michiganders do. Every family has to live within its means and the government is no different.

The government must live within its means without gimmicks, games or one time fixes and sacrifice today forces us to find new ways to provide better services at a lower cost for everyone."

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