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  • Local Officials Say it is Time to Fix the Roads

    Thursday, Apr 17 at 9:32 PM

    MT. CLEMENS (My TV 20 News at 10) - It's no secret Michigan has some of the nation's worst roads. The state is already last in the region when it comes to how much is spent on making the drive smoother.

  • Preserving the Legacy of Tiger Stadium

    DETROIT (My TV 20 News at 10) - With baseball season already underway more and more people are stopping by the former Tiger Stadium site to visit and reminisce.

  • Water Department to Cut Off Delinquent Customers

    DETROIT (My TV 20 News at 10) - We’ve reported to you about The Detroit water and sewerage department and how customers are not paying their bills—millions of dollars in bills completely unpaid.

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  • Meet Judge Lauren Lake

    DETROIT (My TV 20 News at 10) - Judge Lauren Lake from the hit show Paternity Court is from right here in Detroit. She was born and raised in the city and made time in her busy schedule to give back to the youth here.

  • Promoting Organ Donation Through Art

    DETROIT (My TV 20 News at 10) - Currently, over three thousand people in Michigan are waiting for organ transplants. Across the country, an average of eighteen people a day die waiting for those organs.

  • Save It, or Shave It?

    YPSILANTI (My TV 20 News at 10) - It's something most men do every day. Yet, as you can see, shaving is not part of this Eastern Michigan University student's daily rituals.

  • Oakland U. Using Renewable Fuels to Heat Campus

    ROCHESTER (My TV 20 News at 10) - While it’s officially Spring time sometimes it still feel like its winter. And its during days like today that buildings continue to operate their heaters.

  • Time Running Out to Save Willow Run

    YPSILANTI (My TV 20 News at 10) - It's a big reason why our area became known as the "Arsenal of Democracy" during the second World War.

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