Feelin’ the Big Easy

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Feelin’ the Big Easy

January 20, 2011

Some observations from the NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans…
First off, what’s up with the jerseys the guys are wearing for the game? I can hardly tell them apart and it looks like about four teams are playing…going from light to dark to light to dark. Very confusing. Why can’t they just be all dark or all light? From the front, they look really good…except the West. Red socks?

Think it’s a coincidence that a movie about the ABA is coming out soon? I think the NBA made a deal with the producers of Semi-Pro who got them to use some of the extra material that was used on the Flint Tropics jerseys. Looks like that one is going to be another Will Ferrell classic.

Really enjoyed the opening of this All-Star Game. Very cool the way they created a Bourbon Street feel, with the street lamps, the balconies and the people dancing in the street. How great was the music? And how great was it to see the players dancing and clapping as they were introduced? I saw Caron Butler, Kevin Garnett in their suits dancing to it. Also cool that all the starters from both squads were dancing. Sheed looked like he was especially enjoying it and probably felt right at home, dancing before a game.

And a very cool intro from Chris Rock…talking about each one of the guys before the game…Kobe, LeBron, AIverson…the big men, the little guys. Didn’t even look like he was reading it.

LeBron gets the MVP, for a second time. No doubt he was deserving...almost a triple-double and some very spectacular moves in the early quarters of the game. To me, that’s the most entertaining part because you are going to see alley-oops, no look passes and something spectacular. Thought they might give the MVP to Ray Allen because of that fourth quarter shooting clinic he put on. But ahhh, King James rules in the Crescent City. Did you see the dunk in the fourth quarter? Posterizing Dirk, Amare and CP3.

Flipping channels real quick I see Brad Daugherty doing some color for the Daytona 500 from today. Think there will ever be a NASCAR driver that makes the jump to the booth for an NBA game anytime in the future?

In that same vein, how much money does it take to run a NASCAR race? Holy moly, I’m watching these guys, the cars, all the stuff that’s involved, and I’m thinking wow, there’s some money in that.

Back to the All-Star. What about our guys that went down to New Orleans for the weekend? Well, there was a great article on Sunday in the Free Press from Chris Silva about Rasheed Wallace and what all the other All-Stars think of him. Pretty interesting how the other players see him and some of the things they said about him.

Did you see Rasheed shooting the three’s? Yeah, those WERE left-handed!!

I love that new Nike commercial…Become Legendary…very cool that Michael Jordan narrates. I know you were doing the same as me and trying to name all the NBA players in it, including Rip Hamilton. Great music mixing with great close-up images of people.

That Old Spice Will Ferrell commercial just came on…cauterize your sweat glands? Six liters of sweat per day? Doesn’t know the metric system or any other language? Brilliant…simply brilliant. How much fun do you think Will Ferrell has in his life?

Chauncey and Rip are great players but not really built for this type of game. Rip does it with hustle and constant movement…this really isn’t the stage for that, although he got nine tonight. And Chauncey is good because he will shoot the three (although he finished 0-6 from Big Shot range), but this game is really about the show, isn’t it?

Can Dallas and New Jersey make their trade already? How about all the things that have come about because of this proposed trade? I had forgotten about the Larry Bird rule…obviously Devean George and his agent had not forgotten. Keith Van Horn coming out of retirement for the pro rated $4.0 million? Nice work if you can get it…

And let’s talk about the three-point shooting contest. Honestly, I was shocked that Rip didn’t make it into the finals. I thought he would be there, but you know what I heard? I heard Rip chartered a jet and spent Thursday and some of Friday in Miami, celebrating his 30th birthday. If that doesn’t take away your legs, nothing will. I like that they only went two rounds…kept it moving and kept it exciting. And what’s up with Steve Nash’s performance in that?

Speaking of Steve “It Ain’t Easy Being Green” Nash, did you see that he now has a new pair of shoes from Nike? They are called “Trash Talk,” not because Nash talks any, but because they are made completely from recycled rubber and leather – basically garbage. Pretty cool that he does this and supports it…Nike does it again.

What’s up with Craig Sagar? Even for him that jacket is crazy…navy blue with white piping on the lapel? And is that velvet or velour?

The Dunk Contest…what did you think? I didn’t think it would be that impressive when a seven-footer dunks, but Dwight Howard made me a believer. Not with the Superman dunk, which I didn’t really think was a dunk because he sort of threw the thing in, but the first one he did, bouncing it off the opposite side of the backboard and dunking from behind and underneath. That one was impressive.

By the way, isn’t it unfortunate that the song that inspired the Superman dunk and has become such a favorite with fans because of the dance, is so nasty when you find out what the slang terminology is all about? Look it up at www.urbandictionary.com. Soulja Boy just might be the Two Live Crew of this generation.

I liked the Birthday Cake dunk as well. I didn’t think Gerald Green actually blew out the candle on the cupcake, thought the ball had done it, but the slow motion showed that he did. I really liked the creativity on that one.

I think my other favorite commercial is the Sprite commercial where the guys are playing ball on the playground and the one guy runs and does a back-flip onto the court and it turns into a swimming pool. That’s pretty sweet, particularly because I’m always thinking he is going to just slam himself into the ground…sounds like maybe a Will Ferrell take off opportunity?

They have been playing a Marines commercial that shows them in full uniform lined up in different parts of the United States, spinning their rifles. Very cool presentation, but do you think they are all really there or do you think they are computer generated? Some of the locations might have them all there, but I think some, like on the rock formations and on the Hoover Dam, might be CG’d.

Was it me, or did Bill Laimbeer look really…I mean REALLY…awkward shooting the half court shot during the Shooting Stars Contest? Wow. I know he doesn’t practice those shots and never did in his career, but he made the fans that shoot that shot during some of our halftime contests look pretty good.

No comment on Swin Cash missing all those shots from the corner…

The only thing worse than Laimbeer from half court was David Robinson in the first round missing seven in a row from…THE BLOCK! Obviously, The Admiral hasn’t been practicing from the right side and his left-handedness may have gotten the best of him. But, props to Mr. Robinson because he did redeem himself in the neighborhood by making the half-courter for the Spurs team. It moved them to the next round where they eventually won it. Do the Spurs win everything, or what?

Interesting show down in New Orleans. Thanks Big Easy…

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