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January 14 is National Vision Board Day

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Vision Board 2021
Posted at 4:17 AM, Jan 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-14 09:25:46-05

(WXYZ) — National Vision Board Day is celebrated annually on the second Saturday in January to encourage us to set our goals visually. 

The day seeks to help us to reimagine and achieve goals in every area of life by effectively visualizing them to life. Supplies needed to make a vision board include:

· Display board to serve as the foundation of your vision board
· Cutting tools (scissors, craft knife, decorative scissors) to cut your papers and magazines
· Glue to keep everything on the board
· Adhesive tape to add design and a more personal touch
· Markers to write whatever you want to include on your board
· Stickers to add a bit of color and soul to your board
· Inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and remind you of your goals
· Magazine cutouts to supplement all the other designs you have