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Buffaloes in Kenya electrocuted by low-lying power lines, agency says

Kenya's wildlife service confirmed that the buffalo came in contact with the lines while walking in a national park.
Buffaloes in Kenya electrocuted by low-lying power lines, agency says
Posted at 2:19 PM, Apr 12, 2024

Kenyan wildlife officials said Friday that at least eight wild buffaloes came into contact with low-lying power lines as they were walking in Lake Nakuru National Park and were electrocuted. 

According to reports, including in Kenyan media, the Kenya Wildlife Service confirmed that broken cross-arms or support poles caused the high-voltage lines to hang low enough that the wild animals came in contact with them. 

At least 33 lines were involved after the poles fell because of heavy rainfall. 

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In a statement from the country's wildlife service, reported on by Kenya's Standard Media, officials said the eight buffaloes "were electrocuted near Wildlife Clubs of Kenya" in the park, "killing them on the spot."

Officials with Kenya's power operator were able to replace the support poles with another material that would help prevent a similar issue, Standard Media reported. 

As the Associated Press reported, the issue of the danger posed by power lines to wildlife has been brought up by conservationists in the past. Giraffes in Kenya were electrocuted by power lines in 2021. 

Kenya's President William Ruto announced on Friday that the government would put forth a new initiative to address "human-wildlife conflict."

In the announcement he said the Kenyan government plans to construct nearly 218 miles of electric fencing around game reserves and national parks across six counties in the country. 

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