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These colorful Jell-O cookies are fun and easy to make with kids

These colorful Jell-O cookies are fun and easy to make with kids
Posted at 10:30 AM, Apr 08, 2024

If you’re looking for an at-home project you can do with your kids that is fun, easy and edible, you’ll want to try out these rainbow Jell-O cookies.

Jenn of Princess Pinky Girl shared her version of the dessert on her blog, providing step-by-step instructions for making these colorful cookies.

She used a premade snickerdoodle cookie mix (though a sugar cookie mix also works) plus butter, an egg and different-flavored Jell-O or gelatin powder mixes. After you make the cookie dough, divide it into separate portions and knead the different flavors of gelatin powder into each portion.

Jenn says the cookie dough takes on a texture that’s almost like play dough, which makes it extra fun for kids to work with.

The mixed dough can then be rolled into a ball and covered in granulated sugar or even more flavored gelatin powder if you’d like. Then, place on a cookie sheet and bake.

colorful cookie dough balls on baking sheet
Princess Pinky Girl

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The blogger says you can also try variations on the recipe like rolling the dough out and using cookie cutters for cut-out cookies. Or add your own candy, sprinkles or other mix-ins.

Princess Pinky Girl’s pictures of these Jell-O cookies make them look both vibrant and delicious!

rainbow jello sugar cookies
Princess Pinky Girl

The blog has a number of other rainbow-themed desserts you can try too.

You’ll likely have some Jell-O left over after you bake the cookies, and we recommend using it to make these easy candy grapes — another snack that kids can help you make.

And if you’ve got some Peeps lying around after Easter, you can turn those into colorful, edible Peeps play dough.

If you’re looking for a lighter dessert with a similar spin to it, try Kool-Aid-flavored meringue cookies from Smart School House. Or how about homemade Kool-Aid ice cream?

Any of these desserts would make for colorful family fun in the kitchen this spring and summer.

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