Cedar Point: 'We do not yet have a reopening date' for Top Thrill 2

Cedar Point Top Thrill 2 -5.jpeg
Posted at 2:24 PM, Jun 04, 2024

(WXYZ) — Cedar Point has some bad news for roller coaster fans hoping to take a ride on their newest thrill ride - Top Thrill 2.

In a social media post, the amusement park says the manufacturer Zamperla remains on site, working on the ride vehicle, and that they do not have a reopening date for the ride.

Top Thrill 2 is a modified version to Top Thrill Dragster, converting the old hydraulic launched Stratacoaster with a 420-foot tall top hat hill into a triple launch Stratacoaster with a 420-foot tall spike on the other end, which riders are launched up backward before being launched at 120 mph over the existing top hat launch hill.

Cedar Point announced last month that the roller coaster would be shut down for mechanical modification. The park has not released any other details. about what is being modified on the ride until confirming in today's social media post that the trains are what is being worked on.

VIDEO: See video of the coaster testing below:

See Cedar Point testing the new Top Thrill 2 coaster

The ride launched to much buzz when the park opened this year following a multiyear shutdown in the wake of an accident that left a woman injured.