You'll need to rescan your TV to get WMYD TV20 Detroit, here's how on June 1

Posted at 11:50 AM, May 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-31 13:14:29-04

WMYD is moving frequencies on June 1 at 12 a.m. Viewers who watch TV with an over the air antenna will need to rescan their TVs to continue watching the station. Rescanning is when a TV finds all of the available channels in an area.

Viewers do not need to purchase new equipment or services and those who watch WMYD through a cable or satellite service do not need to rescan – your service provider will do it for you.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) held an auction of broadcast airwaves to provide more channels for wireless internet broadband services. WMYD did not participate in the auction. However, the FCC is requiring the station and nearly 1,000 others nationwide to move to new frequencies to make room for wireless internet services.

“We know that viewers count on WMYD and 7 Action News on TV20 for their favorite programs along with critical breaking news, severe weather alerts and important community information,” said Mike Murri, WXYZ and WMYD vice president and general manager. “Our goal is to make this transition as easy as possible for our viewers so that they can continue to watch the news and programming they enjoy on WMYD.”

Here are the steps to rescan on June 1:
Select scan or autotune from your TV or converter box control menu to start the scanning process. Your TV will do the rest. This process usually takes a few minutes to complete.
Once your rescan is complete you will still find your favorite stations on the same channel number as before. If you have an difficulties you can usually find instructions by selecting the Set-Up or Menu button on your television or converter box remote control.
TV stations must move frequencies at different times as required by the FCC so viewers using an antenna may need to rescan their televisions again when other stations announce rescan dates.

Plan to rescan to stay connected to WMYD. For more information, visit TV20Detroit.com or go to TVAnswers.org, a viewer resource provided by the National Association of Broadcasters. The site features the latest news and information on the station changes nationwide along with step-by-step instructions for rescanning. You can also call 888-225-5322 and press "6" to speak with someone from the FCC help line.