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Jason Kelce says he lost his Super Bowl ring in a pool of chili

The pool of chili was used in the "Lombaby Games" while Kelce was hosting his podcast at the University of Cincinnati's Fifth Third Arena.
Jason Kelce says he lost his Super Bowl ring in a pool of chili
Posted at 3:09 PM, Apr 17, 2024

In a bout of what he called "unfortunateness," former Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce recalled losing his Super Bowl LII ring during the "New Heights" live show in Cincinnati. 

Kelce said the ring was used during the "Lombaby Games" portion of the show, which was held at the University of Cincinnati's Fifth Third Arena. The "Lombaby Games" consisted of college athletes facing off against academics in a series of games, including one in which contestants searched in pools filled with Skyline Chili 3-ways for Jason's Super Bowl ring, along with other decoy rings.

"I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event," Kelce said during Wednesday's episode of "New Heights." "They could not find it."

The 36-year-old said he had one of the podcast's interns search the pool of chili with a shovel the following day, but the ring was never located. They also tried a metal detector, but unbeknownst to them, Skyline Chili has trace amounts of iron in it, meaning the metal detector was worthless. 

Kelce assumes the ring is "now in a landfill somewhere in the Cincinnati Tri-State area" after they ended up throwing away the remnants. 

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Travis Kelce, who co-hosts the podcast with his brother, sarcastically asked Jason what he expected to happen

"I thought that we'd just go in the pool and get the ring afterwards," Jason responded. 

Travis didn't have many words for his brother other than calling him an "imbecile."

"It's just a hunk of metal, I'll just have another one made I think," Jason said. "They can do that right?" 

Jason and Travis also reminisced on just how disgusting — and smelly — the challenge, aptly titled "Jason Lost His Ring," was, with Jason saying videos don't do it justice. 

"I love Skyline Chili," Jason said after admitting to having it twice over the weekend. "This chili had been sitting out for like some time period." 

"It smelled so bad in that part of the arena," Travis added. "It was disgusting." 

This story was originally published by Molly Schramm at Scripps News Cincinnati.

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