Men's holiday rompers now available as onesies

Posted: 3:44 PM, Nov 01, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-04 09:57:44-05
Men's holiday rompers now available as onesies

It's the season to start shopping for holiday gifts, and one getting some attention this time last year were  men’s ugly Christmas sweater rompers .

This year, shoppers may once again purchase the rompers — but they now also come in the form of onesies.

That’s right — Christmas miracles really do happen, and they come in the form of adult-sized, full-bodied pajamas … that you should totally wear in public.


Allow me to introduce you to the new ugly Christmas onesies from online retailer  Get On Fleek . While the romper is amazing all on its own, it is shorts and a short-sleeve top, so it’s not exactly Christmas-weather appropriate if you live in the Northeast. The onesies, however, will keep you and your holiday spirit warm and toasty.

The rompers and onesies come in the same patterns: a Santa suit , elf costume and the  classic ugly Christmas sweater . Celebrate Hanukkah instead? No worries. You can also get a menorah design .


Get On Fleek


Oh, and PS. guys, both the romper and onesie come with a zipper, so you don’t have to take the entire outfit off after a few too many Christmas cocktails.

The onesies are priced at $139.95, about $20 more than the romper. Keep your eye out for sales, though, because at the time of this story, the onesies were selling for just $89.95, a $50 savings.


Get On Fleek


Will you be wearing one of these Christmas-themed onesies this holiday season?

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