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Meow Wolf cutting 165 jobs across multiple states

The New Mexico-based company was founded in 2008 and is known for its immersive and interactive art displays in places like Las Vegas and Denver.
Meow Wolf cutting 165 jobs across multiple states
Posted at 1:48 PM, Apr 17, 2024

Meow Wolf, the company known for its immersive and interactive art displays, is planning to lay off 165 employees company-wide, according to an internal memo sent Monday.

The company confirmed the cuts to Scripps News Denver, saying the move impacts 111 employees across the exhibitions and corporate team as well as 54 bargaining unit positions in Las Vegas, Nevada. Meow Wolf also has locations in Texas, Colorado and New Mexico.

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"When we opened our first exhibitions, we were inventing an operating model from scratch. Over the past three years, we’ve developed a better understanding of our guests and what we need to staff and support our exhibitions in order to make the most of the growth opportunities ahead, including our Houston location that opens later this year," Meow Wolf CEO Jose Tolosa said in a statement. "Saying goodbye to friends and colleagues who have been a big part of Meow Wolf’s success to date will not be easy. We are grateful for their contributions, both creatively and to our community. And we are committed to supporting everyone through this transition as we move forward.”

Meow Wolf expects the layoffs to cut business expenses by 10%. Meanwhile, the company is moving forward with its newest location in Houston, which is expected to open later this year.

This story was originally published by Sydney Isenberg at Scripps News Denver.

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