TEAM COVERAGE: New video records plane in flight, then crash on I-75

I-75 plane flying right before crash.JPG
Posted at 11:51 AM, Feb 13, 2024

NAPLES, Fla. --- — A semi truck driver's dash cam managed to record the private jet that crashed on I-75 in flight just seconds before the crash.

Alfonso Del Nodal was driving southbound on the interstate on February 9 when the jet came into view then hit the ground, followed by a black plume of smoke. It's one of a handful of videos that have been made public and that Fox 4 has seen, that shows the flight of the jet and actual impact.

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The Bombardier Challenger jet out of Columbus, OH was bound for the Naples Airport with five people on board. The Collier County Sheriff's Office reported both pilots, 50-year-old Edward Daniel Murphy of Oakland Park, Florida, and Ian Hofmann, 65, of Pompano Beach, Florida died in the crash, minutes after reporting a dual engine failure.

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Three people survived: crew member Sydney Ann Bosmans, 27, of Jupiter, Florida along with the two passengers, 35-year-old Aaron Baker and 23-year-old Audra Green, both of Columbus, Ohio. They were treated for their injuries at a local hospital.

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