103-year-old former Michigan Central Station worker visits renovated building

Posted at 9:59 PM, Jun 08, 2024

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) — For the past few days, many people saw the inside of Michigan Central Station for the first time, but for Angela Spalla, she was revisiting her old stomping grounds.

“I worked here in 1943,” said Angela Spalla.

Spalla worked in payroll when Michigan Central was a fully functioning train station.

“What was it like working here back in the 1940s?” I asked.

“I loved it, yes I did and the co-workers were all great, my boss was wonderful,” said Spalla.

VIDEO: Public tours begin at Michigan Central Station

Public tours begin at Michigan Central Station

When the train station closed, she says she didn’t think it would ever open again.

“It just seemed like a lost cause, but it wasn’t,” said Spalla.

Now at the age of 103, Spalla was able to see Michigan Central back open.

On Saturday, she and her family took a tour of the newly renovated building.

“When I walked in, it just seemed like it wasn’t the same but it was overwhelming, it was so beautiful that I thought I wished I worked here now… do they need a cleaning lady?” said Spalla.

There is even a picture of Spalla displayed in one of the exhibit rooms.

Spalla’s daughter, Liana, says she’s so happy her mother gets to see Michigan Central back open.

VIDEO: Bill Ford talks about his hopes for the future of Michigan Central Station

Bill Ford speaks out on his hopes for the reborn Michigan Central Station

“I told her last year, 'mom when we can' because she fell in December of 2022 and fractured her hip. Last year she got better at walking, but I said 'when you’re better, we’re going to take you and we’re going to see this,'” Liana said.