81-year-old Hazel Park man fills house with crafted floral bouquets after losing wife

Posted at 11:02 AM, Nov 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-04 14:26:40-04

(WXYZ) — After losing his love, a Hazel Park man is spending his time doing something that keeps his late wife’s memory alive — and hoping to spread joy to others.

At 81 years old, EJ Price still remembers the exact date.

"1962, September 16," said EJ.

That’s the day he started dating the love of his life, Barbara Steele. It was a young love that led to a long and happy marriage.

"She put up with me for 58 years, she had to be good," quipped EJ as he continued working on a flower arrangement.

EJ's grandson James Borthwick remembers their relationship well.

"He sure knew how to make her upset," joked James. "Maybe walk in with grass clippings on his pants or just asking her too many questions while she's cooking. But they they got along well, and it was always good to see them together."

But with all that we love also comes loss — and a hole we try to fill.

After Barbara passed last year, EJ took comfort in something they both enjoyed.

"We loved flowers … we had flowers all over the front, down the side," said EJ.

The duo would plant dozens and dozens of flowers in their yard every year.

"They would be out there all day for, you know, sometimes weeks just getting their yard together," said James.

But as age makes it harder to get around, instead of planting flowers — EJ has decided to buy artificial ones and craft them into beautiful bouquets.

And now instead of a yard full, he has a house full. It keeps him busy all the while reminding him of his true love.

"I think she would love what he's been doing, you know, especially since he's been staying out of trouble and using his time ... rather than just sitting around. You know, it's been nice to see," said James.

EJ says he bought hundreds of dollars worth of flowers and plans to continue crafting through the winter — with a hope to either sell them and spread the love, or decorate his lawn come spring.

If you're interested in purchasing an EJ-crafted arrangement, you can email him at The smaller pots start at $15.