Ann Arbor family and infant lose power again, some DTE customers are fed up

Posted at 9:17 PM, Mar 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-05 01:31:09-05

SOUTHFIELD — Around 220,000 people lost power during Friday’s winter storm, Ben Holland family is among them.

Holland told 7 Action News their Ann Arbor home lost power over a week ago after the ice storm that hit South-East Michigan.

His family had just gotten their power back when they lost it again during Saturday's snow storm.

It wasn't just the lack of heat and electricity Holland and his wife had to worry about while dealing with the lack of power.

Their one-year-old son needed to go to the hospital the day after the ice storm to have an MRI for surgical planning for his neuroblastoma.

"That was pretty tough I would say for the two of us," commented Holland.

The family has been spending time at their in-laws to get by, they say what's most frustrating to them is DTE's lack of prevention and accurate time estimates.

"The best I’ve seen is DTE come out and mark trees, I’ve yet to see DTE come out and actually trim those trees," said Holland. "The first time I tried to call into DTE to get an idea of the restoration, it was a robots voice that was telling me they couldn’t connect me to the call center."

DTE said they have about 3,500 field teams working and they estimate 95% of the customers who lost power will have it restored by the end of Monday.

Some customers remain skeptical.

"Just yesterday I was laughing with my wife because in the mail we got the new DTE peak hour rate hikes," said Holland.

The father told 7 Action News a large part of the reason he decided to come on camera and speak is because he's concerned for others without power that don't have anywhere safe to go, anyone to help them.