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Ann Marie's All Stars: Grace Centers of Hope

Posted at 8:07 PM, Mar 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-21 23:07:39-04

There are 34,000 homeless people in Southeast Michigan facing issues that tear families apart.

Grace Centers of Hope does just that, gives hope to so many people fighting addiction, domestic violence and homelessness.

Their approach is keeping families together and it has changed the future of so many young people here in Metro Detroit.

“I actually look at my future in a whole new light now, I now only have a future, I have an amazing future ahead of me and I’m going to be surrounded by this family I’ve gained over the past 10 months, so it’s looking pretty darn good, I’m very excited,” Janice Armstrong a resident of Grace Centers of Hope said.

It’s a new found excitement for the women at the shelter because they used to have very different futures living in and out of jail and rehab facilities while struggling with addiction and homelessness without a safe place for themselves or their children.

“My biggest hope is that I break the cycle with them and this does not get passed down to my children, that’s one of my biggest fears is that we’re going to pass addiction on to our kids,” resident Kristy Curtiss said.

That’s why they came to Grace Centers of Hope in Pontiac, it’s one of the few shelter and rehab facilities where mothers are allowed to bring their children.

“Having a safe place for my kids to come on the weekends, having a safe neighborhood for them to reside in, having the ability to have a gentlemen who helps us with our budget so we can learn how to save money and how to do things the responsible way,” Armstrong said.

Grace Centers of Hope is a faith based organization that receives no government funding, relying on community donations and proceeds from their thrift stores.

“We are a one year life skills program and in that one year we hope to help the whole person not just one part,” Melissa Aupperle said.

Offering the women shelter, meals, education, job training, childcare and a chance to get it right.  There are success stories like Adrian’s mom, she’s just completing the program and reuniting with him after being in foster care.

“Actually being able to wake up and to have my mom,” he said.  “They brought my family back together, they’ve helped my mom through her life, I’m just really happy.”

The women say they’re family and together their time has healed their own families and they all agree- Grace Centers of Hope, has saved their lives.

“There are enough thank yous in the world from myself and my family, it hasn’t just helped myself personally but the whole family,” Armstrong said.  “It’s incredible to watch the miracles that has happened to me, for me, around me – they gave me back my life.”

There are ways you can help Grace Centers of Hope they always have a list of needs on their website or you can make a donation. There’s also an event supporting the organization next month at the Royal Park hotel, tickets are still available.