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Ann Marie's All Stars: Mrs. Cacey Kopy

Posted at 10:39 AM, May 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-18 10:39:52-04

An elementary school teacher is quickly becoming a district favorite for her hard work and love of teaching.

This week’s All Star is giving parents with special needs students more than just confidence in the classroom with her love and dedication giving entire families support.

“I stopped working because he was diagnosed with autism, he was having a lot of difficulty,” parent Beatrice Callaway said.

Callaway is just one of the parents who has a story to tell of how Mrs. Cacey Kopy has changed her family’s life.

“I’m able to go to work full time and as a matter of fact last month he was one of the Student of the Month’s and that’s something that we would have never felt that he would have been able to do and it’s all because of Mrs. Kopy,” Callaway said.

That’s because being a third grade teacher is all she’s ever wanted to do.

“If you go back in my kindergarten journal because I went to South Redford as well, third grade teacher was my dream and I ended up here,” Mrs. Kopy said.

And when you enter Mrs. Kopy’s classroom, you’re family.

“It feels like a second family because she just tries to help us get back on track,” one student said.

“The classroom is kind of like our house because when we fall down she helps us get back up and back on track,” another student said.

Which is a payoff for her endless hours of work.

“She’s here working later than most people every single day for all of the kids,” Principal Susan Maurus said.

Creating lessons for her students that will last a lifetime.

“Thank you for loving my son,” Callaway said.  “She has a lot of students but somehow she is able to show love for each and every student.”

“She’s really kind and I love that she’s very loving and loves all of us,” said a student. “She’s one of the best teachers that I ever had.”

Congratulations Mrs. Kopy!