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Ann Marie's All Stars: Mrs. Mary Ann DeVogel gets kids to think outside the box

Posted at 5:24 AM, Apr 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-06 19:32:51-04

A local teacher thinking outside the box is challenging her students to do the same.

Mary Ann DeVogel is an institution at Detroit Country Day. She's started a movement for students challenging them to create and make their own style.

“She’s always high energy, she’s always excited, she always has fun with whatever she’s doing and she fully commits to helping the students,” student Rachel Barra said.

For 32 years Mrs. DeVogel has pushed student’s creative limits.

“I usually just focus on academics and sports and, through her, I was really able to find the creative side in me and through fashion I’ve found something I’ve never thought of doing before,” Thomas Nardicchio said.

She’s determined to get students thinking about and creating art outside their box from drawing to painting, fibers and textiles.

“Every piece of art that a student does is unique,” she said.  “It’s never been done before and it will never be done again and you can’t copy that art.”

And for decades she’s welcomed in new students taking them under her wing.

“You have them for four years,” she said. “And they leave and you’re sad when they leave because you think 'oh my gosh, what are we going to do without these kids,' they’re so great but then new ones come in and you get very close to the new ones and it’s amazing.”

But the time has come to retire and even the thought brings her to tears.

“They’re just great they keep young, they really do,” she said.

But the legacy she leaves and the impact she’s had on the students will last forever.

“She genuinely cares and loves all her students, she really cares what you’re doing and how you’re doing and how you feel about your project not just getting the grade for the project,” Barra said.

Congratulations Mrs. DeVogel!

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