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Ann Marie's All Stars: Rolanda Houston-Lewis

Posted at 6:47 PM, Dec 21, 2016
and last updated 2017-02-27 23:51:50-05

Teachers in Detroit Public Schools fight through the most difficult circumstances for their students.

When we asked for the most passionate teacher in DPS, there wasn't a hesitation.

Students, parents and principals all agree Ms. Rolanda Houston-Lewis pours her heart and soul into each child, every day.

“She’s always nice and smart, she’s smart, the whole school is smart, she makes us happy,” first graders Sharell Murray and Aalyah Gates said.

There’s no doubt the first graders at A. L. Homes Elementary and Middle School love their teacher.

Ms. Lewis is fostering young minds at a crucial age when they could easily slip through the cracks.

“She just has the passion to see students in Detroit succeed,” Principal Tammy Mitchell said.  “So she comes in, she rolls up her sleeves, anything extra she can do for student, hats, coats, whatever they need- Ms. Houston-Lewis wants to make sure they have everything they need to succeed.”

A difficult task many days but Ms. Lewis takes on the role of much more than just a teacher.

“Mother, councilor, friend, chef,” she said. “I don’t put limits on my kids, you know and I try to expose them to things.”

She left a much higher paying job years ago for what many see as a thankless role but to her, there’s no other way.

“I’m passionate about Detroit, I was born and raised in Detroit and I feel this is me giving back to the community, this is me giving back to the children,” Ms. Lewis said.

The lifelong impact she’s created on her students is exactly the reason she walks in the classroom with a smile every day.

Congratulations Ms. Lewis!

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