General Motors announces plans to move headquarters to Hudson's site in 2025

Posted at 11:59 AM, Apr 15, 2024

DETROIT (WXYZ) — General Motors along with Bedrock announced plans Monday to move the automaker's iconic headquarters in the Renaissance Center to the new Hudson's site.

VIDEO: GM and Bedrock hold joint news conference to announce headquarters move

GM and Bedrock hold joint news conference to announce General Motors' world headquarters is moving to the Hudon's site in 2025

GM Chair and CEO Mary Barra said the move would happen in 2025.

"Today is an incredibly exciting day for General Motors and the City of Detroit," Barra said "Today we are announcing in 2025 GM will be relocating its world headquarters to the beautiful new building that we are in right now. This is a very historic site for Detroit and one that is very personal to me."

"We’ll also plot a path forward for the RenCen," said Barra.

The Hudson's site is being redeveloped by Bedrock, which is operated under the Rocket Companies brand. Rocket Chairman Dan Gilbert also spoke about the move.

"It's a great day in The Motor City," Gilbert said. "Hudson's Detroit will serve as a symbolic hero of optimism and progress that I'm confident will last for decades to come. And as you know by now the worst kept secret, Hudson's will soon be the global headquarters of one of America's most beloved brands and Detroit's very own - General Motors. From the beginning, we understood the significance of Hudson's to our city, which is why we designed it to be more than just a building. We build these buildings to be a destination, celebrating Detroit's journey over the last century and strengthening that momentum for generations to come."

VIDEO: Chopper 7 flyover of the construction at the Hudson's site in Detroit

Chopper Video: Hudson's site construction in Detroit

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan also spoke at the press conference, saying they will all work together to figure out the future for the RenCen.

"We're here today in a day of great joy," Duggan said. "General Motors has been headquartered here for more than a hundred years and GM and Detroit have risen and fallen in that century together. And I'm really pleased today to say that now, with this announcement, GM and Detroit are rising together again."

VIDEO: Watch as the final beam at the Hudson's tower is raised in installed

Video shows final beam at the Hudsons Tower being raised and installed.

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans also celebrated the move.

"Talk about a great day and great afternoon," Evans said. "It's always amazing when you get to work with good partners and Dan Gilbert and Mary Barra and Mike Duggan are good partners. They have historically been good partners when we've done deals with them in the past, and one thing that hasn't been said, and I just want to say is - we talk about regionalism all the time - and this move is good for Wayne County. It's good for Detroit, obviously, but it's good for Wayne County. We have 43 communities in Wayne County, cities and townships, all of them will benefit from General Motors staying in the city of Detroit."

So why become tenants after owning the RenCen for more than 20 years?

“We’ve been sort of limping along of what the capacity is of RenCen here since the pandemic,” says GM's President Mark Reuss.

Tom Teknos manages the Hudson Cafe directly across Woodward, who says this is a huge opportunity.

"We are super excited. Breakfast and lunch. Huge opportunity to take care of them and catering as well,” he says.

Detroiters are also talking about the move, including lifelong resident Alvin Bentley.

"I’m shocked but good for them I guess,” he said.

Kelden Wilson just moved to Detroit from Michigan's west side. He says it will help Detroit's economic boom.

“I’m sure more traction for Detroit as a whole. I just moved here from Kalamazoo,” he says.

Beatrice Taylor is more pragmatic and says it will be good, “As long as they can help the people have money and work to do.”

GM bought the RenCen tower complex in 1996 and later moved its headquarters there from Cadillac Place in The New Center, with the last of the employees transferring over to the RenCen in 2001. It has housed the company ever since, so the move means the end of an era at the site.

Gilbert's Bedrock has been buying up properties downtown for many years and has led its rebirth. He also runs loan company Rocket Mortgage.

The Renaissance Center was built by Henry Ford II, who formed a coalition in the 1970s in an effort to reinvigorate Detroit’s downtown.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.