Billboard calls out controversial Detroit Lions loss, fans respond

You can spot the advertisements on a digital billboard along I-696 near the I-75 interchange in the Hazel Park and Madison Heights area
Posted at 6:24 PM, Jan 03, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-03 18:24:52-05

(WXYZ) — In metro Detroit, billboards calling out the Lions loss to the Dallas Cowboys are grabbing drivers' attention.

On Saturday, referees made a controversial call penalizing the Detoit Lions. Detroit ended up losing the game 20-19 and now have a record of 11-5.

You can spot the advertisements on a digital billboard along I-696 near the I-75 interchange in the Hazel Park and Madison Heights area. There are two ads. One reads "Decker reported" and the other reads "12-4" with "11-5" crossed out.

The ads are signed "PFB Anonymous Donor." So, it's unclear who's behind the ads.

Lions fan Donald Reese told Action News, “He need to come to me and ask me how much money I need to put in and what we need to make it bigger."

"We need maybe two, three more billboards exactly like that," he said jokingly.

Lions fan Sierra Brinson said, “They were definitely cheated out the game.”

After making a potentially game-winning catch against the Cowboys, referees called a penalty against Lions offensive lineman Tyler Decker. They claim he was ineligible to catch the ball.

However, Lions fans told 7 Action News that Decker did, in fact, follow the rules and report to referees that he is eligible to catch the ball.

Lions fan Sean Daniels said, “He clearly walked up to the ref. There’s video of it. Ref just was in la-la land. He just wasn’t paying attention."

Lions fan Robert Helberg said, “I don’t under.. even understand how they can even say it happened the way the refs say it happened. Watch the replay, and you’re like who’s talking to who? And why is the ref running away from all of them? So, I think he didn’t take his time, and he blew the call.”

Brinson said, “I’m very happy that somebody (is) actually taking the initiative to actually put that billboard up there to let them know like, ‘Hey, like do something about this. We need that game back. That’s ours. That was our game. We won that. Fair and square.’”

Daniels said, "Whoever (bought the ads), kudos to you, man. Putting out that money to get the word out because Decker reported.”

Lions fan Tommie James III also believes Decker reported his eligibility to the referee. But James said not only did the referee make a bad call, but he believes the person who paid for the advertisements also made a bad call.

“They spent the money for nothing... because the call was made on the field, and we just move on from there," James told Action News.

Just as coach Dan Campbell stated after the game, the Lions aren't feeling sorry for themselves, they're on a mission and are moving forward.

“Hey, sometimes you win. Sometimes, you lose. That’s sports," James said.