Birmingham man aims to set new trend with implant technology

The chip inside Brandon Dalaly's hands can start his car, open his home door and in the future even replace his wallet
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Posted at 1:29 PM, Sep 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-05 17:55:05-04

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. (WXYZ) — From retro gold to dope tech, when it comes to innovation, 41-year-old Brandon Dalaly has taken matters into his own hands.

Brandon can open his Tesla door thanks to a microchip that's implanted subdermally in his right hand.

"It's not just a Tesla key, you are able to have it be a secure crypto storage wallet, I can at some point in the future do credit card transactions of it at some point in time," said Brandon Dalaly.

The chip is about the size of a small paper clip.

"It has an LED at the top, it has a copper coil in the middle that acts as an NFC antenna, and below that is going to be the actual chip," said Dalaly.

For $100, a piercer implanted the $300 chip, which according to Brandon doesn’t impact his day-to-day activities, and people don’t even notice it.

But this isn't Brandon’s first rodeo. His first implant in his left hand opens the door to his home. And when needed, it also pulls up medical records.

"So you can tap, the chip lights green, shows its connecting, so it will be able to tell you blood type, emergency contact info, and you are able to pull up the COVID vax card from here too," said Dalaly.

The motivation behind the implant? To lead a life without having to carry keys and a wallet.

"People think I’m a little crazy. People call me a cyborg or something like that," Dalaly said.

As for his message to all those who don’t agree with technological advancements. Brandon says "This is something I’m doing for me, it doesn't affect anybody else, so again not sure why people are getting so upset about it, I’m not saying this technology is for everybody, I’m saying in the future you might start to see more of these things, it could possibly save someone’s life," he said.

Brandon is planning a third implant which would allow him to monitor vitals like his body temperature.

Before going for any kind of body modifications and implants it's best to consult a physician.