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Broncos from Ford's Wayne plant head to Stellantis' Toledo Jeep plant to show solidarity

Posted at 6:39 PM, Sep 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-21 19:02:59-04

TOLEDO, Ohio. (WXYZ) — Geoff Booth was born and raised all things Ford.

He's currently part of the UAW strike outside of Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne and was there Tuesday when dozens of Jeeps from the Stellantis Assembly Center in Toledo drove by in a strike convoy to show support.

"It picked up a lot of peoples’ spirits," said Booth. "Sorry, I’m trying not to get emotional, it let our people know that we’re not alone. There are other people that are going through the same thing."

Booth said the gesture meant so much to him that he decided to organize Thursdays Bronco Strike Convoy where dozens of Broncos drove to the Toledo jeep plant to return the favor.

"I hope it invigorates them as much as it invigorated us," said Booth as they were leaving.

The convoy left just before noon Thursday and arrived in Toledo a few hours later, dropping off water and donations while they were there.

UAW member and Ford employee Anthony Kimmerly told 7 Action News, "It means everything, it means we’re all willing to stand up and fight for what we need and what we deserve."

UAW member Jeanetta Bodie has worked for Ford for 28 years and said she's never seen Big Three employees come together like this.

"This has never been done where all three companies, everybody is standing helping each other, that’s when you say we have a union," Bodie said.

UAW members said the 50 mile trip was a monumental day for both plants, showing that although they may make two competing products, today they have one mission.

"We’re all in this together," said Booth.