Cannabis companies camp out in front of Riverview City Hall for marijuana licenses

Posted at 5:57 AM, Jan 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-06 05:57:42-05

RIVERVIEW, MI (WXYZ) — Cannabis companies in Riverview can soon start applying for marijuana licenses and the stakes are high. That's because the Riverview Ordinance states that no cannabis company can be situated closer than 300 feet from each other.

So far there have been hundreds of inquiries.

"To be the first was definitely imperative for us," Andrew Curtis, brand ambassador for Kinship Cannabis Company said.

Kinship Cannabis has had a tent pitched outside Riverview City Hall for over a week. The marijuana company is hoping for quick approval.

According to Riverview City officials, license are given out in order of in-person submissions.

"That right there kind of explains the people in line because if you're number one and you turn in your application and number two is 150 feet next to you, that's going to cause a problem," City Councilman Chuck Norton said.

There are two important steps to getting an application approved.

  1. They have to hold a state license
  2. They must have the building where the dispensary is going to be located beforehand

"Because basically, it's only the west side of Fort Street because we want a 300-foot buffer toward residential," Norton said.

Andrew, along with other vendors that have been camping out will be packing up today once they have their applications are in.