City orders emergency demolition for partially-collapsed Eastern Market building

Posted at 5:43 AM, Sep 18, 2023

The City of Detroit is taking emergency action to tear down a building in eastern Market as a portion of the top two floors suddenly collapsed on Saturday.

It happened around 12 p.m. near the corner of Russell and Winder, right in the middle of Saturday's market at Eastern Market.

One person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and several cars were damaged below when the bricks came down.

Officials are still working to learn what brought the top two floors down this weekend.

The building houses a few businesses in Eastern Market, including Jabs Gym, Detroit vs. Everybody and Beyond Juice.

"When I looked up the wall collapsed. A billow of smoke came across the Eastern Market building," one witness said.

Armod Rashad, the owner of Jabs Gym inside the building, said they heard bricks hitting cars.

"At first, we didn't know what we heard. Then we realized bricks were crashing on top of cars. This building is 100 years old. I'm not sure if we can ever return to that location again," he said.

Detroit Fire Chief James Harris said the department is still working to learn what caused the sudden collapse.

"We have a drone investigating now because we don't want any of our fire to get injured," he said.

People who work and frequent the market said they are grateful more people weren't hurt.

"We are unbelievably blessed to be alive, but a little bit sad because we've been here since 2015. Our business is ruined, at least temporarily,'" Rashad said.

Right now, it's unclear when the city will officially begin demolishing the building.