One Detroit Partnership announces plan to reduce violent crime in Detroit

Posted at 6:09 PM, May 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-24 18:35:24-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — A coalition of the mayor’s office and several law enforcement entities including DPD, the Wayne County Prosecutor, and the US States Attorney, announced a new summer strategy to combat crime.

The One Detroit Partnership announced their plan Wednesday to reduce violent crime in Detroit’s hardest-hit neighborhoods over the summer. Three zip codes in the 8th Precinct and three in the 9th Precinct were identified where they say the highest incidence of violence occurs.

Now, certain crimes in those areas like felons in possession of firearms. Those arrested with automatic firearms with obliterated serial numbers, carjackings, and robberies of a business will immediately be prosecuted federally.

Mike Duffy went to one of those zip codes 48219.

“I like this area because everything is right here in walking distance,” said Jeffrey Reeves.

Jeffrey Reeves lives right off of 7 Mile. I asked him what he thought about high crime stats in his neighborhood.

“Well, I don’t want to be in an area where violent crime is prevalent,” said Reeves.

“But you know a lot of times, the crimes go like undercover, and you really don’t see what’s happening until it happens to you,” said Reeves. He reacted to the summer plan.

“I mean it's not going to hurt any. But you know it’s not like they’re going to be paying attention to specifically me. So, you know, anything could happen. But more police presence will deter people from making this an area to do a lot of crime,” said Reeves.

Ken Dandridge also works off 7 Mile.

“I think increased attention is a great thing. You know, it’s a lot of seniors that I see around here all the time. Of course, you want to make sure the seniors are protected. And the rest of the community as well,” said Ken Dandridge.

He also reacted to the focus on statistically problematic areas.

“You know from what I can see, I know a few officers that are doing a good job. But of course, if there’s concentrated areas that we need to focus on, I think that’s a great idea to shed light on it,” said Dandridge.

“People deserve to be able to have and enjoy. Detroit’s got some of the greatest memories in the summertime, at least for me and others that I’ve talked to. and realistically, this violence that we’re seeing, it’s just unacceptable,” said Dandridge.

In addition to federal prosecution, the One Detroit Partnership says they’re also focused on prevention by inviting those on parole to be part of making their neighborhoods a safer place…dialoguing about barriers that are preventing them from reintegrating into society.

I also asked Chief White about these targeted precincts also being some of the poorest and least served.

“Yes, I understand the socio-economic impact to crime, but two things can be true at once. We can drive crime down, we can enforce the law, we can lock offenders up and we can ensure those folks have opportunities to disrupt violence and crime before they commit a crime, and we’re doing that. But if you break the law, my job is to make sure you’re arrested, and I’m going to do that too,” said Detroit Police Chief James White.

The summer enforcement effort begins Memorial Day and ends Labor Day.

They say historically violent crime picks up in the warm summer months and they’re just following the data by choosing the 8th and 9th precincts as their focus.