Dearborn Heights couple whose home exploded starts GoFundMe to help keep their injured dogs alive

Posted at 10:05 PM, Mar 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-18 22:18:54-04

DEARBORN HEIGHTS — The color of Ali Ayash's dog Dawson's fur is a result of what happened Friday afternoon while Ali and his wife Yenifer were at work.

His once white furred husky is currently light brown from smoke exposure.

Ayash said Friday afternoon he was, "two bites into my lunch, I pull up Instagram and the first post is a picture of a house. I knew instantly like that second and my heart just dropped. My house exploded."

The Dearborn Heights home was the first one 22-year-old Ayash and his wife had ever bought.

When it exploded all their material items were lost, but they're thoughts were elsewhere.

"The first thing that came to my mind was the dogs," said Ayash. "I rushed to my house as soon as I could."

Thankfully their two rescue dogs, Dawson and Simba made it out of the house, but they suffered severe injuries and are at the Animal Emergency Center in Novi receiving care.

Ayash said the animal hospital told him, "it will be $10,000 for both dogs. With the house and everything we don’t really got that right now."

So Ayash and his wife are soley relying on funds from this GoFundMe to pay the hospital and keep their dogs alive.

The GoFundMe will also help them try to rebuild their life as the young family did not have home owners insurance.

"There’s appliances that we’re still paying for that are gone now, it’s just terrible," said Ayash.

Him and his wife are trying to figure out where they'll sleep for the immediate future.

It's a devastating mess, but they're still finding the strength to effort optimism.

"I was telling my wife, everything can be replaced, the house and clothes, but there’s no loss of life and that’s the only thing that can’t be replaced," said Ayash.

He told me it's a long uncharted road for them ahead, but the support of anyone in the community right now is helping them get through.

Ayash said, "You’re not alone in this world, there’s a lot of good people left in there."