Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences announces $100K teacher salary

052523 DAAS press conference
Posted at 2:14 PM, May 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-25 14:51:02-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences announced on Thursday that they plan to pay select qualifying teachers in the district a $100,000 salary as part of its Best-in-Class program.

They aim to hire 18 educators at that higher pay rate for the 2023-2024 school year.

According to a press release from DAAS, teachers in the district earn in the range of $49,000 to $72,000 based on experience and other factors.

To qualify for the $100,000 pay, teachers have to meet the following criteria:

“They must have at least 5 or more years of experience in the classroom as a lead teacher/teacher of record, at least 2 years of a highly effective rating in the most recent 3-year period in the Michigan Online Education Certification System (MOECS), possession of valid Michigan Teacher Certification, and demonstration of an impact on scholar outcomes, professionalism, commitment to equity, and family and community engagement. If hired, the teacher would be eligible for a 3-year contract, and would be required to maintain the ratings.”

The aim with the program is to help the district recruit, retain and develop high quality teachers, and improve student outcome.

“Every child deserves to be taught by a best-in-class teacher,” Maurice Morton, CEO of the district, said in a statement Thursday. “By creating strong criteria to measure excellence for teachers and investing in their growth with a best in class compensation plan, we believe that we will have a profound impact on the educational outcomes for the children we serve.”

DAAS said funding for the salary hike will come from “reallocation of portions of the district’s budget.”

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