Detroit Flower Company marks big success in first years

DFC was launched in 2021 by 23-year-old owner Ja'Nye Hampton.
Posted at 5:53 PM, Nov 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-28 18:05:43-05

DETROIT (WXYZ) — A Detroit flower shop is celebrating big success after less than two years of business.

Ja'Nye Hampton says Detroit Flower Company started with an idea from a friend in 2018. After working to make floral arrangements from home, the 23-year-old officially launched her storefront in 2021 near 6 Mile and Greenfield roads on the city's west side.

DFC specializes in glitter roses, butterfly-laced bouquets and screen printed flowers, in addition to traditional floral arrangements.

Detroit Flower Company

Hampton says social media played a big role in her success. She says the company grew from around 700 Instagram followers to more than 44,000, thanks to viral flower photos.

During the first few months of opening, the DFC team also coined the phrase, "If you love them, #DetroitFlowerCo them," encouraging people to buy their significant others "just because" flowers. And Hampton says it worked.

"Sometimes, it’s just crazy that flowers is such a huge concept here now because of me," Hampton said.

She says although the company's popularity was seemingly overnight, there were times when business was stagnant, especially as they launched during the pandemic.

Detroit Flower Companu

"Having a booming business that started to boom in the pandemic when everyone else’s was just doing the opposite, I’m just starting to think about things like that. Thinking about being able to employ my best friends, my sister, my mom and everything. I just been grateful," Hampton said.

The flower shop has been so successful Hampton has been commissioned to create arrangements for music artists like Jhene Aiko and former NBA player Isiah Thomas. Hampton also recently landed a partnership with the Detroit Pistons to host a date night event where fans can receive flowers during the game.

Detroit Flower Company 3
Detroit Flower company partners with Detroit Pistons for date night event.

Hampton's most recent show of success came when she and the DFC team were asked to make a floral arrangement for the funeral of rap superstar Takeoff of the Migos, who was shot and killed in Houston.

Detroit Flower Company 2
Detroit Flower Company delivers rocket shaped floral arrangement to Quality Control Music for the funeral of rap star Takeoff.

"A girl messaged me and was like someone needs a rocket for Takeoff's funeral in Atlanta. It was like four days before and I remember reading it and I remember telling my best friend, ‘Girl, how real do you think this is?’ and I’m thinking maybe they’re talking about like a bouquet. I didn’t know they meant like a life size rocket," Hampton said. "We were just honored because there’s a ton of Atlanta florists and you guys really wanted us."

Hamptons mom, who works in the front office of the shop, says her daughter's accomplishments were no surprise.

"(When she was younger) Ja'Nye was in trouble for making Kool-Aid to sell. So I always knew she was going to have a business head on her," Adria Hampton said. "To see something she loves grow into things that other people love, the happiness she brings people out of her own, her pain has blossomed into happiness for others. It's really impressive to see."

With the business' success, there have also been some challenges. Hampton says just a few weeks ago, two people attempted to break into the building, shattering the glass on the front door. She says after quickly getting the door fixed, a drunken driver crashed into the building days later.

Hampton says although it was frustrating, she was happy no one was hurt and she has the resources to continue on.

Detroit Flower Company
Security camera footage captures two people breaking into DFC.

"I live by a quote at this point in my life. I've had a lot of things going on with me this year and the quote is, 'What you create for you, no one can take from you.' I’m just learning that I’m in control of my happiness," Hampton said.

Hampton said her best piece of advice to others who want to pursue entrepreneurship is bet on themselves. She says every small thing you do, whether it's investing in training or building good habits, will pay off.

"I took a bus every single day. I worked seven jobs at a time. I spent money, a lot of money before I made any," Hampton said. "People just have to understand we’re all on different paths and everybody has to realize everything won’t be an overnight type of thing.”

Despite the damage at DFC, the staff is still working normal business hours and taking orders.

On Dec. 26, they’ll be continuing their partnership with the Detroit Pistons, hosting a date night event. Tickets can be purchased on their website.