Detroit police officers receive a $10,000 pay raise

Posted at 6:08 AM, Nov 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-10 06:08:13-05

DETROIT, MI (WXYZ) — Detroit police officers are receiving a historic new contract that will put their paychecks on par with other cities.

The city council unanimously approved the deal and Detroit leaders believe this pay raise will help retain officers and recruit more new hires.

This deal goes into place immediately and will increase pay by at least $10,000 per year for officers.

"I am so excited for our officers and their families and could not be more appreciative to the city council for their investment in our police officers," Detroit Police Chief James White said.

Starting salary jumps from $43,000 to $53,000 annually. Officers with over 4 years of experience go from $60,000 to $73,000, and detectives and ranking officers will see raises of $10,000 to $11,000.

To put this into perspective, before the city filed for bankruptcy in 2013, the salary of a Detroit police officer was $29,000. Deanna Mahone believes that pay should be much higher.

"They should make more money," she said.

Officials and city leaders hope this $22.5 million increase, which is funded by an increase in income tax revenue, will help retain officers and prevent them from flocking to other departments.

Back in September, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said there were 300 open positions at the department, and between August and September, 72 officers left for other positions at other departments.

"Our officers as we know work harder than any other officers in this country or at least as hard. They are sought after, pursued and people are looking to employ them around this country and around this state," Chief White said.

Part of this deal also includes lateral transfers which means if you transfer from another department to the city of Detroit, your salary will reflect your experience.

"So if something inside of you said you want to be part of a big city but you couldn't afford it. Now, I think you're being treated fairly," Mayor Mike Duggan said.

And as of October 31, DPD says they have received 13 letters from officers asking to return to the department.