Detroit restaurants, parks host watch parties for Michigan Central OPEN concert

'The neighborhood is really going to be hard to beat as a place to be in Detroit'
Posted at 11:41 PM, Jun 04, 2024

DETROIT (WXYZ) — On Tuesday, there was a surprise release of more tickets for the Michigan Central Station OPEN House concert, but those tickets were claimed within 16 minutes.

Forty-eight hours until its debut, Michigan Central and the streets of Corktown are already getting noticed.

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Joevale Jackson was out in Corktown Tuesday night having dinner at Slows Bar BQ. As a lifelong Detroiter, nights out in Corktown were not a routine thing for him.

“Coming down here more now because it's kind of flourishing," Jackson said. "It's kind of popping right now.”

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Slows is located directly across the street from the iconic former train station. When the barbecue joint first opened in 2005, Michigan Avenue looked very different and the train station was a vacant ruin.

"Everyone thought we were totally insane. There was not a lot of businesses in the area," Slows co-founder and executive chef Brian Perrone said. "The neighborhood was kind of left for dead.”

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But in the 19 years since, all of that is changed.

“With this amazing investment in the train station, it's a game changer,” Perrone said. “Especially after COVID. It was a long time getting through the pandemic and to have this big, huge rebound now coming with the train station and all the international touring that will be coming through... It’s a massive investment in the neighborhood and its great for us."

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With Michigan Central as a symbol of Corktown's comeback, Detroit icons like Diana Ross, Jack White and Big Sean are kicking off the celebration with a concert in front of the building Thursday night, produced by Eminem.

“They're coming back down here to tap back in with the city. It's real good,” Jackson said.

“That's pretty much all anyone is talking about: who’s all performing and how do I get tickets,” said Bob Roberts, co-owner of McShane's Irish Pub in Corktown.

But those free tickets were claimed fast, so restaurants like Slows and McShane's are hosting watch parties and are expecting big crowds.

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“We’ve been working on our audio-video system to make sure we can stream the concert on all of our TVs, including the ones outside here at our tiki bar,” Roberts said.

Roberts says Michigan Central is expected to bring 100,000 people to Corktown over the next two weeks, which is an exciting time for those who long believed in its comeback.

“The neighborhood is really going to be hard to beat as a place to be in Detroit,” Perrone said.


There will also be watch parties at Campus Martius Park with a 5,000 capacity and The Corner Ballpark with a 2,500 capacity. The businesses below are hosting watch events:

  • Alpino Detroit - Michigan Central Opening Reception Hour at 1426 Bagley Street
  • Armando’s Mexican Restaurant - MC Open Watch Part at 4242 Vernor Highway
  • La Jalisciense Supermercado & Taqueria at 3923 Vernor Highway
  • Mexican Town Bakery at 4300 Vernor Highway
  • Batch Brewing Company at 1400 Porter Street
  • Black Ginger (Housed within the Trumbull and Porter Hotel) at 1331 Trumbull STE 100.
  • McShane’s Irish Pub at 1460 Michigan Avenue
  • Mercury Burger Bar at 2163 Michigan Avenue
  • Momento Gelato and Coffee at 2120 Trumbull
  • Slows BBQ at 2138 Michigan Avenue

The following street closures will be in effect for 24 hours starting at 5 a.m. on June 1 through June 5 and again from June 7 through June 11:

Full closure:

  • 14th Street from Michigan Avenue to Marantette Street
  • Dalzelle Street from 14th Street to 15th Street
  • Marantette Street from 14th Street to 15th Street
  • 15th Street from Dalzelle Street to Marantette Street
  • Lacombe Drive from Vernor W to 15th Street
  • Vernor Highway from 17th Street to Vernor W/Lacombe Drive

Lane closures:

  • Vernor Highway: The easternmost curb lane of Vernor Highway from Newark Avenue to Michigan Avenue
  • Rose Street: The southernmost lane of Rose will be occupied between 17th Street and Vernor Highway. 
  • Michigan Avenue: The bike, parking and bus decel lane will be utilized on Michigan Avenue between Vernor Highway and 14th Street.

The following street closures will be in effect starting at midnight on June 6 to 8 a.m. on June 7:

Full closures:

  • Michigan Avenue from 17th Street to Wabash Street
  • 14th Street from W Fisher Service Drive to Bagley Street
  • Dalzelle Street from 14th Street to 15th Street
  • Marantette Street from 14th Street to 15th Street
  • 15th Street from Dalzelle Street to Marantette Street
  • Lacombe Drive from Vernor W to 15th Street
  • Vernor W from Michigan Avenue to Lacombe Drive
  • 17th Street from Michigan Avenue to Lacombe Drive
  • Vernor Highway from 17th Street to Newark Street
  • Rose Street: Closed

Lane Closure:

  • Bagley Street: The northernmost west bound bike/parking lane of Bagley from Rosa Parks Boulevard to 14th Street will be occupied. The southernmost curb lane of eastbound Bagley will be occupied from 14th Street east to mid-block to Vermont Street

The following street closures will be in effect from June 12 through June 16:

Full closure:

  • Lacombe Drive from Vernor W to 15th Street
  • 15th Steet from Dalzelle Street to Marantette Street

Lane Closure:

  • Dalzelle Street: The southernmost westbound lane will be closed from 15th to 14th streets

Parking updates:

June 6: Live from Detroit: The Concert at Michigan Central

  • Street parking: Street parking for non-residential visitors will not be allowed in the area surrounding The Station on June 6. Attendees are encouraged to use public parking closer to downtown. 
  • Please note that no vehicles, including cars, trucks, bicycles and scooters, will be allowed within the road closure area on June 6. Rideshare services will be permitted to drop off attendees a few blocks from The Station, and concertgoers will need to proceed on foot to the concert entry gates.
  • Parking in the Bagley Mobility Hub will not be available for the general public on June 6.
  • June 7-16: OPEN House 
  • Starting June 7, complimentary parking for visitors will be available at the Bagley Mobility Hub, one block from The Station, at 1501 Wabash St.

Parking and shuttle information:

Michigan Central and Ford Motor Company are working with MGM Grand Detroit and Bedrock to ensure smooth access to the venue.

Bedrock is offering parking in its garages at 1701 W. Lafayette Boulevard and 1401 First Street for $10, including a shuttle ride to Michigan Central.

Attendees can also park on the fifth through ninth floors of the MGM Grand Detroit garage at 1777 Third Street and use rideshare apps to reach Michigan Central.


  • Bag Policy
    • Small bags that do not exceed 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches in size can be brought into the concert after being checked by security. For any bag larger than that, there is a clear bag policy, meaning the only bags allowed inside the site perimeter must be clear and no larger than 12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches. 
  • Restrictions:
    • No buckles, grommets/hardware, or décor can be concealing any part of the bag.
    • Logos can only be on one side of the bag.
    • Items determined to be inappropriate for entry into the secure perimeter will be the responsibility of the attendee and cannot be accepted, stored or checked by Michigan Central or the Detroit Police Department.
    • Please do not leave any personal belongings or valuables in your car or trunk.
  • Cameras
    • Cameras are allowed at the concert. Guests are encouraged to capture their experiences.
    • Professional-grade equipment requires prior approval or credentials. The use of wireless microphones or any UHF/VHF wireless devices is prohibited.
    • No drones allowed.