Detroiters prepare for the incoming rain, ice, and snow ahead of Thursday's winter storm

Posted at 11:15 PM, Feb 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-17 19:49:52-04

DETROIT — As we wait to see what Thursday's winter weather will bring, one homeowner says she’s not too worried about her house flooding.

Her worry is street flooding that could turn to ice.

“My tires are frozen to the ground," Arielle Belcher says in a Facebook Live video she shared with 7 Action News.

Belcher lives on Lawton street on the city's west side.

“The water froze up around my tires, so I wasn’t able to get out. I was frozen in," she explains.

Until her husband and another neighbor pushed and pulled her car out of the ice.

Most of the ice melted with the warmer weather but Belcher is worried about what the next 24 hours will bring.

Especially with freezing rain, snow, and a drop in temperatures in the forecast.

“Every time it rains and snows when it melts my street floods because we don’t have a drain," said Belcher.

Neighbors who live here tell us there are only two drains on their street.

“The very beginning of the block on Puritan and then at the end of the block this way," she adds.

Belcher says, “the city needs to come out and fix it. We shouldn’t have to be surrounded by water.”

A spokesperson with the city of Detroit tells 7 Action News that "most city blocks in the neighborhoods have 2-4 basins per block and depends on sewer system capacity, street block length, and other factors."

They go on to say they "will have an engineer take a look, as well as clean the existing basins."

“I shouldn’t be worried that my car is going to be frozen in. It should be taken care of," Belcher says.

The ice isn't a concern just for neighbors but for DTE as well.

“We are still watching how the rain overnight is going to turn into hat wintery mix and into snow in the afternoon to make sure there is no icing that can build up on our power lines," said Director of Service Operations and Storm Director with DTE, Morgan Elliott Andahazy.

She says they have crews in the field right now that will work 16-hour shifts and some on stand-by if needed.

“However as of right now with the current forecast we have we do believe there will be minimal impact from this tomorrow as the weather shifts from rain to snow," she adds.

Belcher tells us she will not wait on the impact before acting, she is moving her car.

And for anyone who drives down Lawton street, Belcher says "turn around".

"Any car that tries to get through gets stuck.”