Don't be a Blatherskite! Wayne State's Word Warriors release this year's list of words to bring back

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Posted at 4:56 PM, Jan 09, 2024
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(WXYZ) — Wayne State University's Word Warriors are back at it again, issuing a new list of words they feel need to be brought back into usage.

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According to the school, the program - which is now in it's 15th year - "aims to resurrect long-lost — but not completely forgotten — words."

"<The> annual list is composed of submissions from both administrators of the website as well as the public; participants worldwide have seen their favorite words brought back from the brink of obsolescence at New entries are posted there — as well as on Facebook — weekly."

Here is the list for 2024, from the Word Warriors:

  • Blatherskite
    • A person who talks at great length without making much sense.
    • The cable TV commentator was a blatherskite who produced 30 minutes of angry nonsense each night.
  • Curglaff
    • The shock felt when one first plunges into cold water.
    • He dove into the pool without thinking and the curglaff caused him to shriek when he came up for air.
  • Dollop
    • A shapeless mass or blob of something, especially soft food.
    • He sat down to enjoy a nice steak, grilled asparagus and a baked potato topped with a giant dollop of sour cream.
  • Kaffeeklatsch
    • An informal social gathering at which coffee is served.
    • After the kids got on the bus, the parents headed to the porch for their morning kaffeeklatsch.
  • Pawky
    • Having a mocking or cynical sense of humor.
    • He had a pawky wit that undercut his superiors' self-importance.
  • Petrichor
    • A pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.
    • He walked outside after the storm, the petrichor lifting his spirits as he hiked around the campground.
  • Pettifogger
    • An inferior legal practitioner, especially one who deals with petty cases or employs dubious practices.
    • He started with dreams of being a Supreme Court justice but in practice he was just another ambulance-chasing pettifogger.
  • Rawgabbit
    • A person who speaks confidently but ignorantly.
    • My social media feed is filled with rawgabbits trying to explain everything from epidemiology to engineering.”
  • Thunderplump 
    • A heavy fall of rain during a thunderstorm.
    • He'd hoped he could get home before the storm got too bad, but found himself instead jogging through a soggy thunderplump.
  • Twankle 
    • To twang with the fingers on a musical instrument.
    • He sat on the porch as dusk rolled in, twankling an old childhood favorite on the banjo.