DPD launching internal investigation after woman claims she was assaulted by officers

Posted at 6:04 AM, Aug 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-10 06:04:13-04

(WXYZ) — A woman is recovering this morning after she claims she was assaulted by Detroit Police officers.

The encounter happened early Sunday morning near Central and Warren on the city’s west side.

Detroit Police were there to break up a block party.

Ashlee Sims, the victim in this case, says she was walking to her car, but officers were directing the crowd another way. That’s when she claims a male officer hit her in the mouth.

She currently has 4 stitches in her mouth and she says doctors tell her that she’ll be in a wheelchair for the next two months.

No officers have been charged, but DPD has launched an internal investigation.

One officer is now on desk duty and had their gun taken away pending that investigation.

“That’s the man who punched me. I want to get his badge number," Sims said.

In a video, you can see Sims fall to the ground. She claims she was pushed.

"I couldn't get up but I didn't know my pelvis was fractured," she said. "I just knew I couldn't really move and that's when the lady officer pushed me over."

A female officer rolls Sims over and yells at her to “get up” as Sims calls out for help.

"She gon push me over. Like that was wrong,” Sims said. "I didn't deserve that. They assaulted me for no reason. I was unarmed. I wasn’t doing nothing to nobody.”

Sims, who grabbed her phone to record what she could of the encounter, is demanding accountability.

"Like what they did was wrong," Sims said. "Especially that lady because I was begging you for help."

All the officers on scene that were involved in this incident are being investigated.

Sims has an attorney and says she’ll be seeking charges against each of them.