Families of Oxford High School shooting victims create memorial site

Hana's Garden main entrance concept rendering
Posted at 5:57 AM, Nov 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-30 06:25:30-05

(WXYZ) — There is a growing effort in the community to help create a permanent memorial for the four victims of the November 30th shooting at Oxford High school.

The plan for a memorial at the high school has been up for debate for months and still, no plans are in place, but some of the victim's families are trying to change that.

At Clarkson High School, a mural of Madisyn Baldwin stands floor to ceiling inside the school's library. The 17-year-old lost her life one year ago today and was a student at Clarkson High School for three years before transferring to Oxford.

"It's breathtaking I would say," Aidan Helper, a former student at Clarkson said. "It feels really good knowing that potentially 10s of thousands of students at Clarkson are going to be able to see that mural and possibly get to know who she was a little bit more."

Aidan was one of Baldwin's friends. He started a petition to memorialize Madisyn, the friend he describes as a multifaceted artist who wanted to major in photography in college.

"Probably one of the most talented people I've ever met," he said.

At the memorial site, three butterflies surround Madisyn. Those butterflies represent Tate Myre, Justin Shilling, and Hana St. Juliana, the three other teens who died during the mass shooting.

A few miles away at Seymour Lake Park in Oxford, will be Hana's garden, a concept created by St. Juliana's family. The garden will feature four-sided structures and be separated into four sections to honor each victim.

But at Oxford High School, the site of the tragedy, plans for a permanent memorial remain unclear.

"This school has to show at least some responsibility, some action to remember what happened so it never happens again," Steve St. Juliana, the father of Hana St. Juliana said. "This idea of continuing to hand it off is ridiculous."

"Why the hell does it have to be our family doing this," he adds.