Family searching for 19-year-old boy missing since November 29, 2022

Posted at 5:58 AM, Jan 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-17 05:58:24-05

(WXYZ) — 7 weeks ago, 19-year-old Trey Rogers was dropped off at Wayne County Community College in Detroit. Later that day, his phone was recovered on the Belle Isle Bridge. Trey hasn't been seen since and now his family is desperate for answers.

"I need to hear his voice. I need to know he's alright," Trey's sister Courtney Wimbush said.

But for 7 heart-wrenching weeks, it's been silent. Her 19-year-old baby brother has been missing since November 29.

"I can't sleep, when I think of him I can't eat because I don't know if he's hungry or sleeping somewhere warm," Trey's grandmother Margaret Rogers said.

According to the family, Trey's mother dropped him off to college at around 1:40 p.m..The family later learned he walked in the back door and out the front.

"He had stopped sharing the location but a couple hours later his location came back on and it was discovered on the Belle Isle Bridge," Trey's sister said.

The family said he left behind money and his ID. They also say there is no indication that Trey would leave or harm himself.

"It's hurtful because we don't know and the unknown is scary out here," Courtney said.

The family is now posting flyers around Detroit praying someone has seen him. Trey's job Amore da Roma in Eastern Market is also sharing photos and statuses calling him a key employee and a great kid with a big heart.

"As long as we know he's ok we'll be good. We'll be good if he's okay. We want him to know we love him dearly," Margaret Rogers said.

On the flyer Trey is described as a 6'3 weighing around 160 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is encouraged to call 313-596-5901.