Ferndale restaurant donating 100% of profit from Wednesday to support Ukraine

Christine's Cuisine
Posted at 4:58 PM, Mar 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-14 14:50:12-04

FERNDALE, Mich. (WXYZ) — The community came out on Wednesday not just for a hot meal at Christine's Cuisine, but to support and donate to Ukrainians in need right now.

What's happening at the restaurant on 9 Mile isn't just another fundraiser; this one hits close to home for the owner.

“I’ve been crying all week," said Chrystyna Hryhorczyk Adams.

You can't tell she's been crying because she’s busy in the kitchen running her restaurant while also worrying about her family that’s back home in Ukraine.

"I have an aunt and cousins there. One of the cities that they bombed, that's where they were living, and we can’t get in touch with them," she adds.

As Adams waits to hear back from her loved ones, she’s doing her part to support Ukrainians impacted by the war.

"I saw all the children and the mothers that have to be fed and dressed, and I feed people here so I want to feed people there," said Adams.

She tells us 100% of the money made today at Christine's Cuisine will go directly towards Ukraine's humanitarian efforts.

Customers lined up when they found out their money will be used as a donation.

"So many people are suffering over there, and so you just kind of want to do your part even though we are so far away," said Kimberly Farmer. She came by for lunch from Northville.

Jim Boreland stopped by from Bloomfield Hills to place a carry out order. “The pierogi and sausage special.”

Christine’s Cuisine is Sarah's usual spot, but today she stopped by with her aunt and mother who loves the popular Ukrainian soup.

"It was absolutely delicious. I almost ordered a second one," she tells us.

But she didn't because she wanted to save enough for the busy restaurant that was getting slammed with orders.

"We had to turn the phones off so we could catch up, that’s how crazy it is here," said Adams.

Ferndale's fire chief Tersea Robinson even stopped by for lunch and to show her support.

"For the fire service, we see our brothers and sisters over there still responding to the calls when these bombings are occurring, attacks are happening and these buildings are on fire they are responding to take care of that in the midst of this. So, it's for the people over there, but it's also for our brothers and sisters over there doing the job that we do here," said Chief Robinson.

Amid this chaos, people from near and far are coming together and doing their part and standing with Ukraine.

"Stay strong. I pray for them every day," said Boreland.

Aside from Christine's Cuisine, there are other ways to support Ukraine. The Ukrainian Cultural Center in Warren has put a vetted list together of organizations and places for people to donate.

Click here to view the list.

For more information on ways to donate visit the Ukraine-American Crisis Response Committee of Michigan at