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13-year-old Isaaiah loves animals, wants to be a K9 police officer when he grows up

Posted at 10:15 AM, Feb 01, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-01 12:43:03-05

Our Grant Me Hope Child this week is 13-year-old Isaaiah, who is in 8th grade and loves playing games.

According to the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, Isaaiah loves playing basketball, and also wants to play football.

According to one of his close adults, “Isaaiah is a kind, loving, sweet and smart boy who deserves a chance to join a loving family. Isaaiah is extremely resilient and is able to have hard and complex conversations for his age while remaining optimistic. His strengths include being open to new ideas. He is polite, and he cares deeply for others. Isaaiah could be described as an old soul who will often make ‘dad’ jokes, and he likes making people laugh.”

Isaaiah said he also likes animals because they're small, they're cute, and they can't judge people for mistakes they made.

When he grows up, Isaaiah said he wants to be a police officer so he can help people, and he thinks he wants to work with K9s.

Isaaiah should be in a forever family with one or two caring parents who are experienced and trauma informed. His new parent or parents must make sure that Isaaiah receives the services he needs. Isaaiah can be placed in a home with or without other children, but he would do best as the youngest. He hopes for a forever family who has pets, especially dogs.

For more information on Isaaiah, visit the MARE website, and view a list of waiting children there. You can also see more stories on our Grant Me Hope page.