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14-year-old Johs wants a big family, dreams of becoming a mechanic

Posted at 12:57 PM, Nov 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-09 12:57:16-05

Our Grant Me Hope child this week is 14-year-old Josh, who loves spending time with family, especially on holidays.

He also loves to travel, go camping, kayaking, swimming and other outdoor activities, according to the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange.

When he’s spending time with friends, Joshua likes having sleepovers, playing video games and going out to eat.

On his list of favorite things, Joshua includes red and gold for colors, dogs for animals and math for subject in school.

When he gets older, Josh wants to become a mechanic.

"I want a big family, I want a Mom and a Dad, I want brothers and sisters, I want pets, I want video games. I would clean, follow directions and help them out when they need my help," Josh said.

“Joshua is reserved, but when he gets to know a person, he will open up to them,” says one of the adults who cares about him most. “He always strives to do better, and he is caring about others. He is very knowledgeable about things he is passionate about. He is a funny young man who enjoys making people laugh.”

Joshua would do well with a single female parent, two female parents or a mom and dad who are experienced and trauma informed. His new parents should be patient and understanding as Joshua adapts to his new home. Joshua’s new forever family needs to be fierce advocates for the services that will help him blossom. He prefers pets.

For more information on Josh, visit the MARE page and view a list of waiting children there. You can see more stories on our Grant Me Hope page.