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16-year-old Renee dreams of helping kids one day

Posted at 12:38 PM, Sep 28, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-28 12:38:15-04

Our Grant Me Hope child this week is 16-year-old Renee, who loves to sing in the school choir and also loves hockey.

According to one of her close adults, “Renee sings very well. She participates in school choir, which she reports being difficult at times, but she loves the challenge.”

As for hockey, she would love to get out on the ice one day but has not yet had the chance to.

Renee is also an avid reader and loves watching Disney Channel shows and movies. When she's not singing, you can find her on the dance floor, playing games with other kids or going to the park.

As for the future, Renee wants to go to college, earn her degree and pursue a career helping children.

According to one of the adults close to her, “Renee is a creative, friendly and talkative teenager. Renee describes herself as funny and quirky. At school, she is doing well academically in her classes.”

Renee would do best with two parents who are experienced and trauma informed. Her forever family needs to be patient and understanding as Renee adapts to her new home. Renee would benefit from being the oldest youth in the home. “Renee loves animals,” adds one of her close adults. “She would benefit from an adoptive family who has pets.”

For more information on Renee, visit the MARE website and view a list of waiting children there, or on our Grant Me Hope page.