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16-year-old Tyler loves animals, wants to become a zoologist one day

Posted at 7:02 AM, Jul 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-28 07:02:39-04

(WXYZ) — Our Grant Me Hope child this week is 16-year-old Tyler, who wants to become a zoologist when he gets older as he loves animals.

According to the Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, Tyler loves all critters, but "big, fluffy dogs" are his favorite. If he can't study animals, his next goal is to become an animal trainer.

That's not all he's passionate about. Tyler also loves legos and builds them after school and on weekends with his friends.

"Tyler likes Legos of any kind and reports that this is the only thing he collects!” says one of his close adults.

According to MARE, Tyler is also a big reader and is working his way through the 2020 Pokémon Directory. When he's not looking at animals or building Lego, you can catch him watching Marvel movies, especially "Avengers," or the Star Wars movies.

“Tyler is a friendly and outgoing boy with a nice smile and a pleasant personality,” says a person close to him. “He has a strong sense of humor. Tyler is a wonderful young man; he knows the right family is out there for him and although he is getting older, he still dreams of a forever family.”

Tyler would benefit from having a two-parent forever family, but a single parent could be considered. He needs a parent or parents who are experienced and trauma informed. Tyler would do best as the youngest or only child in his new forever family. He requires a family dedicated to making sure he receives the services that will help him function at his best. Tyler loves animals and wishes for a family who has a dog.

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