Group of Royal Oak residents protest plans for apartment complex on old bank site

Group of Royal Oak residents protest plans for apartment complex on old bank site
Posted at 9:35 PM, Jun 09, 2024

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WXY) — On Sunday, a group of Royal Oak residents protested a proposed apartment complex that would sit at Rochester Rd near 14 Mile.

They say they have a lot of concerns when it comes to this project. 

“They have not done a traffic study,” said Carolyn Martz, Royal Oak resident.

Martz was one of the residents out protesting.

She has lived in the area of Rochester Road and Genesee street near 14 Mile for 20 years.

Martz says her biggest concern with the project is the traffic congestion it could bring. 

“Me and my husband will be landlocked in our driveway, risk coming on Genesee which the people on Genesee don’t want more traffic and actually getting a ticket behind our house because we can’t get out of our driveway to the west,” said Martz.

A bank used to be on the site.

According to documents submitted to the city, developers have proposed a three and a half story building with 42 homes. 

In addition to traffic concerns, residents say they believe the apartment building will also be an eyesore in the community.

“This is a neighborhood that needs one story houses not four story buildings,” said Rudy Stuglin, Royal Oak resident.

“The design of the building and the way units are so small, all they need is a coat of red paint and this will be the most recent red cone inn in Royal Oak, they mislabeling this as an apartment building, it’s really a motel,” said Charles Semchena of Royal Oak.

The residents adding that the proposed apartment complex is too big for what they are saying is the last rural area of Royal Oak. 

“All these properties on these three streets are between a quarter acre and a half acre… on 1.2 acres, they want to put a 3 1/2 story building with 42 units,” said Martz.

City officials will be voting on finalized plans for the proposed apartment building Monday evening.

The residents say they plan on being at that city planning commission meeting.