Have you seen this rogue Oak Park peacock? Here's where it came from and where it went

Rogue Oak Park peacock
Posted at 9:26 PM, May 05, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-05 22:41:23-04

OAK PARK — Most neighbors don't think twice when a dog or cat walks past their house, but in Oak Park homeowners are sharing a video of a peacock strutting it's stuff down the sidewalk.

Our team had to go out to investigate.

Through door knocking, we met Mila Lyupercio who saw the peacock herself and told us, "I was surprised because he’s not from our area."

In fact, most people who live on Borgman Street told us they saw it, but have no idea where it went.

Homeowner Steven Miller told us that in the video circulating online the peacock is in front of his house.

"One I was shocked because it was in front of my house, two it was 'what are the likely odds of a peacock being in front of my house in this area?'" said Miller.

"He was very independent, he was not afraid of people," Lyupercio added.

Finally through tips from neighbors, we knocked on the door of David Acosta, who took the video of the exotic bird that is circulating online. He told us that he was on the way to the park with his wife when he saw it.

"I kind of freaked out," Acosta said. "And then I told my wife ‘Hey look at that!, that’s crazy!'"

Acosta said he initially posted his video of the peacock on an Oak Park community facebook group and he's shocked that, "It’s been kind of blowing up."

Our team called the Detroit Zoo to ask if they know anything about the rogue bird, and they said it's one of their own.

They issued the following statement:

"We were made aware that one of the peacocks who calls the Zoo home recently ended up at a location outside of Zoo grounds. Our dedicated animal care team went to every effort to ensure that the peacock returned to Detroit Zoo grounds, and right now, the peacock is being monitored by our care team. The peafowl at the Detroit Zoo are managed as a free-ranging population. Although they have a warm shelter to return to where they are also provided with food, the peafowl have the freedom to fly and to choose where they want to spend their time on the Zoo’s 125-acre grounds. Sometimes during the breeding season, an adventurous peafowl will fly over the perimeter gate. These animals are tracked and returned to Zoo grounds."