“He always complained he heard voices” Steve’s Deli owners talk about employee who opened fire on restaurant

Bullet holes in the glass at Steve's Deli
Posted at 9:50 PM, Oct 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-03 13:10:53-04

BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP — The owners of Steve's Deli in Bloomfield Township sat down with 7 Action News for an exclusive interview discussing Sunday mornings shooting.

"It's horrific," said Joanee Hurwitz. "It's unbelievable," added Steve Hurwitz. "The day before he was perfectly fine."

Sunday morning one of their employees, 52-year-old Ernest Connors who worked at the deli on and off for about 10 years, pulled up for his 10 a.m. shift.

According to the Hurwitzs he was a well liked emplouee.

They told 7 Action News when the employee pulled up, one of his co-workers was standing outside sweeping, he told the young man to move.

"And he (the 18-year-old) was shocked," said Joanee. "He moved over a little, and he (the 52-year-old) said, ’No, move over more,’ and he moved over more. He then took out a gun and he opened up the passenger side window and he started shooting at the glass."

There's six bullet holes in the front glass at Steve's Deli.

Joanee covered them up with stickers because she says she couldn't bear to look at them.

Thankfully only one of the bullet holes hit someone, and in the shoulder. It hit a 52-year-old female employee who is recovering safely and in stable condition.

After firing the bullets the employee fled.

Bloomfield Township Police told 7 Action News they found the suspect at Outer Drive and Greenfield Road in Detroit, but he took his own life before police could reach him.

"He was nice with people but he had a depression," said Joanee. "He was on medication for depression. He always complained that he heard voices."

Research from the National Institutes of Health shows that about 1 in 4 American adults suffer from a mental health disorder.

1-800-213-1127 is the number for Common Ground, a local 24/7 help-line for mental help advice and care.

The Hurwitzs say even after what this employee did they still care for him deeply and will continue working to keep all of their employees safe.

"They’re all family, everybody who works there is siblings and parents," said Steve Hurwitz.

Steve's Deli will be open again for business starting Monday morning.