Here are the 2022 projected harvest dates for Michigan apples

Michigan Apples Cider Mill
Posted at 7:11 AM, Aug 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-17 08:08:39-04

(WXYZ) — It's almost harvest time for apples in Michigan, meaning fall is near and cider mills across the state will be open soon.

The state is the third-largest producer of apples, and there are nearly 15 million apple trees across 34,500 acres in Michigan. There are also more than 775 family-run apple farms.

According to the Michigan Apple Committee, the state's climate and geography provide ideal conditions for growing apples, and the Paula Red apple is expected to be the first apple available.

“Michigan’s climate provides a growing season of mostly cool nights, warm sunny days and plenty of moisture –ideal factors in producing a flavorful crop of apples. This year, growers are optimistic that they will harvest an above-average sized crop with great quality and flavor – and that’s definitely something for consumers to get excited about,” Michigan Apple Committee Executive Director Diane Smith said in a statement..

The committee has a guide where you can find the estimated harvest dates for their favorite varieties of apples, with some harvested in August and others in September.

Below is the expected harvest dates for apples across Michigan.

Aug. 23 – Paula Red – pleasingly tart
Aug. 26 – Ginger Gold – sweet-tasting with a hint of tartness
Sept. 5 – Gala – soft bite over mellow sweetness
Sept. 7 – McIntosh – juicy with a lightly tart flavor
Sept. 15 – Honeycrisp – sweet as honey with a crisp bite
Sept. 23 – Jonathan – crisp, spicy tang that blends well with other apples
Sept. 29 – Jonagold
Sept. 30 – Golden Delicious – gingery-smooth taste, known for its sweetness
Oct. 2 – Ambrosia - sweet and refreshing, floral notes with low acidity
Oct. 3 – Red Delicious – full-flavored sweetness
Oct. 9 – Fuji – crisp and sweet
Oct. 12 – Ida Red - tangy and tart, great for sauces and pies
Oct. 12 – Rome - excellent for baking
Oct. 24 – Braeburn - firm apple with spicy-sweet flavor
Oct. 25 – Evercrisp – sweet, juicy and firm
Oct. 31 – Cripps Pink – tart with a sweet finish

The apples will be available at local farms, as well as at cider mills, farmers' markets and grocery stores.