High demand, low supply pushing up gas prices in Michigan, experts say

Gas pump
Posted at 5:57 AM, Oct 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-10 09:36:39-04

(WXYZ) — Gas prices in Michigan keep going up.

Across the state, gas is sitting at an average of $4.35 per gallon. That's 18 cents higher than last week and $1.12 more than this time last year.

When you look at metro Detroit prices, gas is slightly cheaper with it sitting at an average of $4.28 a gallon. But, this price is still a 7-cent jump from last week.

According to experts, supply and demand are causing gas prices to rise in Michigan as just a few weeks ago, a deadly refinery fire in Toledo slowed down oil production. This has now forced drivers to pay about $65 to fill up a 15-gallon tank.

But, relief could be on the horizon.

Typically, people drive less in the winter, so theoretically, if demand slows, gas prices will go down.

According to AAA, Michigan could see gas prices decline in the weeks ahead.