VIDEO: Officials provide update on Northfield Twp. house explosion

Posted at 8:53 AM, Jan 01, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-02 16:24:06-05

UPDATE: Northfield Twp. explosion: Undetermined fuel source suspected in blast; victims identified

Investigators are working around the clock, trying to figure out what caused a deadly house explosion in Northfield Township over the weekend.

That explosion killed four people and put two others in the hospital on Saturday afternoon on Winters Lane near 6 Mile and US-23.

The blast from the explosion sent debris flying far and wide.

Officials tell 7 Action News this a complex and lengthy investigation. Police are working long hours to solve the mystery behind the deadly explosion.

Coyle and Winters Lane is being blocked by the police. It's the road leading to the site of the house. Since it’s a private road, police say they will issue citations for unauthorized access. Only investigators, people who live in the area, and their guests are allowed now.

For the investigators, every piece of evidence matters, and right now, that crucial evidence is scattered around 2 acres of the property due to the explosion that the community heard and felt miles away.

“I definitely felt the ground shake and heard the noise," said Ken Scicluna, a Whitmore Lake resident.

The explosion happened on Saturday afternoon.

Northfield Township police say six people were in the house at the time of the explosion. Four of them have died, and the other two are in the hospital.

“To have driven by that house everyday for 26 years, to see it absolutely leveled was devastating.” said Gypy Kolasinski, who lives near the house that exploded.

As neighbors continue to grapple with this tragedy, they are wondering what caused the explosion.

“My thought was probably like most of us down here, the furnace was down in the basement and if nobody were down there to smell that it was leaking, it could of built up in the basement area and some ignition could of sent it off," said Kolasinski.

Former Waterford Fire Chief Joe Lyman says it could be months before investigators get to the bottom of what happened.

"The debris field is tremendous and the devastation of trying to put that all together. It makes me think about a plane crash, when the FAA comes in, they have to totally rebuild this airplane and try to figure out what caused a crash like that. It’s going to be a long tedious process," said Lyman.

Lyman says a crucial part of the investigation will be insight from the explosion survivors.

“I think that’s going to be key to find out what they heard, what they saw, what was going on before, that’s going to be really important," said Lyman.

Police haven’t released the names and details of the people who were inside the house, but as the investigation continues, people are urged to avoid the area.

An arson team is expected to be at the explosion site on Tuesday.