'It just sucks.' What's causing Michigan gas prices to go up more than other states?

Posted at 2:15 PM, Oct 04, 2022

(WXYZ) — Rising gas prices in Michigan are once again a concern for many metro Detroiters. As of Tuesday, the average price for gas in Michigan is $4.23 per gallon, and it may not stop there.

One of the biggest factors driving the increase continues to be a BP Refinery in Ohio that was shut down last month after a fire.

According to AAA, Michigan's average gas prices in comparison to the rest of the country are consistently higher. That's true for this week, last week, a month ago, and even a year ago.

The highest was back on June 11, when it was $5.22 per gallon.

Oakland University Professor Chris Kobus has been teaching about the energy sector for over 27 years. He gave us a reason why gas prices might be higher here.

"We only have one major refinery here in the state, so we are dependent on other refineries out of state to supply us with gas," he said.

Wednesday's OPEC meeting in Vienna is alos a concern. Kubos believes major oil-producing countries will most likely decide to reduce crude oil production.

"Now you decrease the supply, that is going to effect everybody, whether you use that oil or not," he said.

Kobus also said he didn't see gas prices going down soon.

"One of the big bottlenecks we have here in the country is refinery capacity, and nobody is investing in more refineries and better refineries," Kobus said.

We wanted to know if there was anything being done to fix the problem. According to Kobus, there are people who don't think it's broken.

"This is the way they want it. They are hoping that it's going to change people’s habits, and eventually lower demand, so using less gas is going to be better for the environment and other things," he said.

Watch below: Expert explains why gas prices are higher in Michigan

Expert explains why gas prices are higher in Michigan

It's causing a lot of frustration for drivers, and some hardship. I went over to the BP gas station at Telegraph and 12 Mile to talk with drivers.

"Do you know what's going on with the gas prices?" I asked.

"No, I don't," one woman said.

"Some puppet up there is pulling strings," another man said.

For 30-year-old Randy Savargy, the prices are tough because he's always on the road due to work.

"It's kicking me in the behind," Savargy said.

Valencia Ulha has a similar story. The only difference, she celebrated her birthday on Monday and wished for lower gas prices.

"What’s funny is I work in mortgages, so I work all over the country, and when I hear other people talking about their gas prices in California, Texas, maybe I don’t have it that bad, but in Michigan, it just sucks," Ulha said.

Now there are a couple of things you can do to help reduce gas consumption. Plan your trip, choose your gas station wisely, as many offer competitive prices, try to lighten your vehicle by removing unwanted items, and lastly, if possible, an electric vehicle is maybe something to consider.